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Final Rules:

Proposed Rules:

2015 Timeline Final Rules (F) and Proposed Rules (P)

(F) February 2015 Finalized Registration and Governance Rules that Apply to SBS Data Repositories

(F) February 2015 Finalized SBS Data Reporting Rules

(P) February 2015 Proposed Rules to Implement the Finalized Reporting Rules, Establish Certain Reporting Fees, and Establish Requirements for Reporting Certain Centrally Cleared and Executed Swaps

(P)  April 2015 Cross Border Rule Proposal 

(F) August 2015 Finalized Swap Dealer Registration 

(P) August 2015 Proposed Certain “Bad Actor” Disqualification Rules for Associated Persons (I.e., Sales People)  

(P) September 2015 Proposed Exception for Security-Based Swap Dealer Indemnification Requirements

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